Online Casinos Vegas Style

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Those of us who have lived here for a while are pretty used to casinos and all of the fun little things that go with them, from neon signs to spectacular shows to 24/7 liquor sales at the local supermarket.

While we can’t offer you all of those things, we can provide you with an online gateway to the heart of Las Vegas.

Online gambling is more here now than ever (yes, you read that correctly!). Faster Internet connections and expanded choices for access have made it possible for more people to be online more of the time, with more room for better-looking, smoother-playing online versions of all of the classic casino games.

Even better, the nastier little issues of the turn-of-the-century Internet have been identified and dealt with (so to speak). Where we once had to worry about viruses and spam and other assorted web goblins, the best minds of the network industry have more or less reduced such things to a rare and minor nuisance at best.

And even better than that, the online casino companies have become bigger and better than ever. Some of them have over ten years of online service under their belts, with plenty of past and present customers to testify to their reputation. This is a much different environment than the late 1990s, where (let’s face it) nobody really knew what to expect or how to make it happen!

On the downside, unlike the 1990s, those of us in the United States (yes, Las Vegas is actually a part of the US) still need to be careful where we place our bets, but for other (legal, political) reasons. So I’ll be scrupulous in stating which of the Internet gambling sites that I mention are a US online casinos, like Wild Vegas Casino, and which are not.

In the following pages, I’ll be giving the beginners an overview of online gambling, along with games such as Betfair Cleopatra Slot Machine and providing some more advanced resources to those of you who already know a little bit about gambling (I’ll especially mention things like payment methods, so you’ll know where to go to find a Webmoney casino, for example).
If you happen to be a pro or expert on one of the things that I talk about, don’t hesitate to let me know if (when) I get something wrong, or leave something out!

I truly hope you all find this information helpful in making your decisions. I am after-all only trying to be a part of the big solution. We feel that if everyone did there little part the whole thing would just come together a bit easier so that is the attitude we take.

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