When I lived in Vegas it was easy to go out and play a little poker. I could get in on a game of roulette anytime. There was plenty of gaming available 24 hours a day. I could regularly play Black Jack, Craps, Video Poker & I would even play the old School slots were great on rare occasion. The point is that there was plenty of gaming available upon request. Now that I have moved away from Las Vegas I find myself missing the action from time to time. That is for sure…

I recently decided I would try to find somewhere online to do a little gaming. I wanted to ensure that the security was good. I have heard that some of these Casinos can lack in security and it is quite possible that some of them even lack in honesty sometimes… If you are going to be doing business of that sort with a company, you better do at least of your due diligence. Try to see if you can figure out from their customers or look into if they have a reputation for nefarious business tactics. Once you know you can trust them it is easier to feel comfortable about enjoying the time and money you decide to spend there.

After taking care of the Due Diligence You can start to look deeper into some of the other aspects of the online casino that are important to take into account before choosing which of them to patronize. Remember, there are a lot of fish in the sea. Make sure not to just dive in without checking the temperature. That’s how you end up getting burned. Trust me, security is not the only point of interest to review when making a decision about which online casino is the “Right” online casino.

One of my favorite features of these new online casinos is that they give some awesome bonuses to get you to sign up & continue playing with them. I always remember getting some small incentives to come down to the casino in Vegas but nothing that was ever to the scale offered online. I mean they would send out a free buffet here and there. I remember getting a concert ticket a few times too.. We are talking about some significant money in some cases at the online casino. As I was looking what surprised me was not how many Casinos offered bonuses. I always imagined that there would be some sort of added benefit offered for loyal customers but most of these bonuses did not require anything other than signing up and making a deposit. It does not end there. I mean in a few cases I found that they would give double or triple the initial investment in added chips.