Getting Started with Online Casinos

Now that you’re familiar with the look of your online casino’s front page, it’s time to start doing what you came to do!

First of all, you have to decide between downloading and installing the full casino software, or using the “Instant Play” feature. This is not available at all online casinos; some casinos for USA players don’t include the feature, and some European casinos just don’t choose to offer that part of the software package. On the other hand, there are one or two casinos that you can only play online, with no download option at all (Slots N Games, for example)

Instant Play can be a fairly decent option. If you’re concerned about putting things on your hard drive for any reason, Instant Play lets you access real-money games right from your Internet browser. Often the games are comparable to the downloaded versions, though you’ll sometimes see less visual quality and you’ll almost always find fewer game choices overall. In general, I prefer the download; it’s small and I get everything, plus a bit of a speed and stability edge over the Instant Play.

Simply click on one of many “download now” buttons to get things moving. There’s usually a big one in the middle, as well as a menu item in any of the various menus, and sometimes the online casino will save you the trouble and give you a pop up box that says something like “download the casino while you’re browsing the site?”

As soon as you click, you’ll usually be taken to another page with some helpful but also typically brief instructions. If you’ve ever downloaded anything (i.e., if you know the difference between “Run” and “Save”), you’ll probably be able to figure it out without too much help. Webmoney online casinos are no different.

With a decent Internet connection and a decent online casino, you can complete the installation process in just a minute or two. You may still need to download individual games as needed, especially with new releases.

The next step is simply to type in the information that the casino needs; this isn’t much different than any sign-up page, except that the online casino will need a few pieces of critical information to make sure you are who you say you are! Since all of this info is protected by 128-bit encryption, you’ll have no worries about privacy.

After taking these steps you should be prepared for what happens next. Some say that it is like the largest adult playground that there is. Others think of it more like there way of like… Either way, all that’s left at this point is to fund your account, and we’ll get to that in the next section!

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