Online Casino Winning

Many people have jobs they get no joy or fulfillment from doing. They go to work day to day just to make enough money to scrape by in life… I have been lucky enough to earn a good living doing what I love, gambling. Along the way I have found some simple tricks to make the winning easier. It’s my opinion that there are ways to increase your odds of winning in a fair, legitimate and (most important) legal fashion.

Most people don’t spend enough time thinking about it to figure out what I am talking about even though it’s really just right there in front of them to see if they would open their eyes. People are literally starring down the information that would drastically increase the chances they have of winning rather than losing but they just don’t see it. The fact of the matter is that if you wish to gamble successfully you must find a way to win and even more importantly you must find a way not to lose… The odds on most games in a casino are tilted in favor of the house so they can make money to operate the business. Most games give the players almost 0 chance of winning when they play. The fact is that the longer they play, the more they lose.

What you must do is find games where the players are pitted against one another so that the person with the most skill wins rather than it purely being a game of luck. Of coarse, luck will still play a heavy role in the game but at least you know the house it taking a percentage to run the game then the remainder of the money is being won or lost by the actual players. The house has no interest because they are only getting a cut to oversee a fair and honest game. They have in some ways been hired by the people at the table to operate a business pure and simple. That is when the players can really have the chance to prospect on their money rather than gamble.

You see if it is just a matter of you and I playing a game of cards then the person who is most talented at the game will win most often. Since the house has no cards in the game we know they can’t win that only leaves the players. I would not play a machine hoping to strike it rich but they are the perfect thing for entertainment. Which is really what they were designed to be for. You must realize that when the machine is set to payout 99%, you are simply paying to play that machine. It is only a matter of time before the money is gone.

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